Get ready to learn how to master spells to craft and cast powerful magick. Practical Spellcasting is a 12-week course that covers spellcasting essentials.

Course curriculum

  1. 01
    • Introduction

    • Contents

    • The Community

    • Notebook

    • Resources

    • Spells Throughout Time

  2. 02
    • Introduction

    • Magick vs Power

    • Types of Spells

    • Spell Limitations

    • Spell Expiration

    • Correspondences

    • Crafting and Casting

  3. 03
    • Introduction

    • Emotions

    • Mastering Intentions

    • Intention Setting Techniques

  4. 04
    • Introduction

    • Book of Shadows

    • Bowls & Cauldrons

    • Mortar and Pestle

    • Candles

    • Colors

    • Crystals

    • Incense and Censers

    • Divination Tools

    • Besoms & Brooms

    • Poppets

    • Wand and Athames

    • Other Useful Tools

  5. 05
    • Introduction

    • Herbs, Spices, & Botanicals

    • Essential Oils

    • Useful Pantry Staples

  6. 06
    • Introduction

    • Cleansing Your Objects

    • Consecrating Your Objects

    • Charging Your Objects

  7. 07
    • Introduction

    • Where to Cast a Spell

    • Choosing Your Sacred Space

    • How to Create an Altar

    • Common Spell Instructions

  8. 08
    • Introduction

    • The Four Seasons

    • The Eight Pagan Sabbats

    • The Moon Phases

    • Other Planetary Events

    • Days of the Week

    • Magickal Hours

  9. 09
    • Introduction

    • Symbols

    • Sigils

    • Rune Symbols

  10. 10
    • Introduction

    • Clearing Your Mind

    • Centering

    • Raising Energy

    • Grounding Energy

  11. 11
    • Introduction

    • Choosing Your Words

  12. 12
    • Introduction

    • Optional Spell Template

    • Spellcasting Formula

  • Bonus Content

    Download a course notebook to take notes each week. Throughout the course there's also prompts to get your spellcasting creativity flowing.

  • Real Magick

    Discover how to craft and cast powerful spells, how to raise energy, and set powerful intentions for hands-on spellcasting.

  • Community

    Feel included and find support in Venefica Cottage's online community space of like-minded witches who are all learning together.

Week 5 Release

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Your Witch Instructor

Ambrosia is a witch, founder of Witchology Magazine, author of The Spell Book for New Witches, Seasons of Wicca, and The Wiccan Book of Shadows, and is located in the Pacific Northwest. She is also a cat mom, coffee enthusiast, tarot reader, astrologer, and herbalist. Ambrosia’s practice is eclectic, and she focuses her Craft on the connection between the natural world and the power of the mind.

Ambrosia Hawthorn

Witch, author, educator


  • Do I need any supplies?

    Nope! However, insite this course, we do offer suggested materials and tools that could help you on your witchcraft journey but for this course, all you need is to be present.

  • Are there refunds?

    We want you to love this workshop! Due to the nature of the digital content, if it’s not for you, let us know within 24 hours. Anytime after which time there are no refunds.

  • Who is this workshop for?

    Anyone with an interest in spells! We'll cover some beginner to advanced topics for a well-rounded spellcasting curriculum.

  • When are lessons released?

    Week 1 releases on November 1st and the following weeks will be released on the upcoming Sunday. When you finish the course, you can return and take it again at your own pace!